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Through my years of experience working in the space of metabolic syndrome reversal, it has become abundantly clear that the cause for health complications and the associated symptoms and disease states is oftentimes much more than meets the eye.

This is why “one size fits all” approaches hardly work; and if they do, never for an extended period of time.

Have you experienced this before? A person or program figuratively screaming to your face that their way is the best way. Eat (fill in nonsensical bull crap) and not (fill in more nonsensical bull crap) and you will attain the goal you seek.

I hate to break it to them, but… root causes of dysfunction are not fixed by eliminating certain food groups, ensuring you’re in a caloric deficit or working on your willpower until your face turns blue.

Whether you are 75 or 25, whether an athlete or a mom of 2, whether you have an autoimmune condition, metabolic syndrome or chronic gastrointestinal issues (or maybe all of the above!) — everyone is placed on the same protocol. A dogmatic approach that is complete and utter nonsense.

I seek to discover the root causes of dysfunction and support and manage those through real food nutrition therapies in a functional nutrition approach that gets to the heart of the matter. I work with utmost integrity amidst a health & wellness sphere muddied by extremes, soundbites, and disengagement with the human as a whole person.

I believe that if given the right tools and support that it needs, the body has the innate intelligence to heal itself.

Ready to work towards your journey of living a life #fullyoptimized? Let’s first do a quick role-call:

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This is for you if:

This is not for you if:

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Empower high-functioning individuals to lead a life of health sovereignty through a multimodal root-cause approach that embraces nutrition, movement and lifestyle interventions as medicine.
Be a part of the paradigm shift from viewing health as the absence of disease to the mastery of one’s physical being as a foundational pillar of leading a life well-lived.
To be of service – to lead with empathy – to maintain integrity – to be a continual student of the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness
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